Undead Big Bang: artside
Here is the banner thingy for 1_rhiannon_1 and co's wonderfully suspenseful story, Screw This, I'm Done. The banner really doesn't do it justice. Imagine something about 10x more atmospherically creepy and with a lot more zombie ransacked debris lying around, add a big dollop of personality and a dash of dark humor, and you will have what this banner *ought* to look like!

Link to the story is here!
The undead big bang can be found here.


Thanks much and enjoy! :D

original + fan art spam
I guess this posting thing isn't as hard as I thought it would be, heheh. Anyway, I have some unfinished/random stuff from the past two years that I don't want to post on deviantart, so I'm sticking it over here.

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I'm going to post on this thing if it kills me
I just realized, I don't write about what's going on in my life much. I'm going to try from now on. Why not? I've never been good at journaling, I don't know what to say, but I guess it won't get better without practice. Plus, virtually no one is watching so there's no pressure. :)
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Anyone else get the feeling you're getting worse the more you practice? I've felt like that a lot, lately.  :\

On a less emo note: school is almost out for the year! I have time to draw fanart, watch the House finale, and read fic (and books) again! My roommates and I are going to make food, play video games, and be shamelessly unproductive. Also, I get to go to screenings and see the animations and films other students have been working on all school year. Then I get to see some family again and remember what everyone's faces look like. Good things all around. 

Things I love on the internet this week: the bunny diagram of college life

super quick house fanart
Kutner coffee
Trying out more stylized drawing. I'm not totally happy with my results yet, but in the meantime it's fun. :) Just posting for my own record but I'll leave it public in case anyone is curious to see it.

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this meme took me over a year to finish, but it's still kind of half-assed

Remember that star trek art meme from forever ago last year?

I filled out 90% of that meme, and then stopped at the last question because I could not think of anything to draw. And then the file sat on my desktop for half a year. Rediscovering it the other day, I thought, "Hey, it's almost done! I should fill in that last square and put it up somewhere so that I don't feel like it was a total waste of time!" So I finished it. When I was all done, though, it was around 3 in the morning and I thought I would sleep and post it the day afterwards.

So then, of course, it sat on my desktop for another half a year, totally forgotten.

This week, however, I have been turning stuff in late left, right, up, down... strange, charm... and any other flavors/directions that exist. Homework, big bang assignments, paid stuff, unpaid stuff, fanart, original work, everything. So I thought, thematically, if there was ever a good time for me to post a piece of fanart that could have celebrated its first birthday not too long ago, that time would be now.


karaoke, the great american tradition
peter coffee
It's Thanksgiving, so we have three Korean moms downstairs right now, singing karaoke. They are adorably out of tune and sync with each other and the music, but are making the effort anyway. Every so often they manage to hit a note of spectacular awfulness. My sister and I are not even trying not to laugh any more (but we only laugh because we think it's cute, honest!)

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gender-switched star trek
chekhov can do that
Based on liviapenn's gender-reversed Star Trek casting post (the new movie cast, not the original series cast.) I don't know much about these actors, but once I'd seen this I knew I had to make a mock movie poster manip of it. Miss Spock! Mr. Uhura! Way too much fun to pass up. So I didn't fill out those job applications today, but it was clearly in favor of FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS. ^_^

Clockwise from top right: Uhura, Kirk, Spock, and Nero. The photos are all of the actors in liviapenn's entry.
click for a larger version
and here's the real movie poster
it's based on.

It was hard to find a picture of Leonard Roberts* in an Uhura-like pose, but Yvonne Strahovski's picture I barely had to touch-- the lighting and expression and everything were perfect. Although the picture itself is... no well, actually, it's pretty much what Kirk would act like as a girl, now that I think about it. :D

*ETA: It has come to my attention that the actor used for Uhura here is, in fact Jimmy Jean-Louis, and not Leonard Roberts. Sorry for the mix-up!

House Big Bang Challenge Round Two: Down the Rabbit Hole
Kutner coffee
Title: Down the Rabbit Hole
Pairing: none (gen). House, Wilson, Jack Harkness
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Format: Digital painting
Created with: Painter 10, GIMP

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Awesome Links:

Mer's story, World of Weeping  or start here if the archive is not working.
Hllangel's artwork for this story
Alexwhitewell's artwork for this story (will be updated if a link shows up!)

The Big Bang archive is temporarily down, but a list of alternate links to stories and art can be found here.

Happy reading/viewing!

Faces, day 5: Cameron
Part 5 of 11. More face painting practice with House characters as the victims. : )

11 - Chase
10 - Taub
9 - Stacy
8 - Foreman
7 - Cuddy
6 - Kutner
5 - Cameron
4 - House
3 - Thirteen
2 - Wilson
1 - Amber


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